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RSA is an independent boutique investment management company catering for investors needs through a focused range of investment portfolios. The company's investment approach is to compound investor wealth over the long-term by blending internal and external fund management skills in a well-considered, coordinated and active manner, whilst at the same time avoiding significant loss of capital in times of market turbulence. 


The strength of this approach is that it allows the investor diversified access to some of the country and globe's most talented managers within the funds, at a reasonable cost. This reduces complexity for the investor and offers them a comprehensive financial and estate planning solution.


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Our experienced team serves on various investment committees alongside other investment professionals of prominent Assurers and Fund Managers and we understand the complexities of the fund management world. We apply this knowledge alongside a client-first mindset to improve the outcome for the investor.  Our clients are financial advisers where we bring our qualitative, research-driven perspective and apply it within their businesses.

We believe that:

  • Financial advisors are crucial to the success of fund management businesses

  • Real diversification is the most effective method to control portfolio volatility

  • Asset allocation is responsible for the majority of investment portfolio returns and risk

  • Real asset classes provide investors a premium vs. inflation and cash over time

  • The only guaranteed way of creating alpha is by reducing costs

RSA Multi Asset Managers is 100% independent and owner managed which means we can offer objective fund advice in the best interests of your clients.


Phone: 021 300 1580

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